Thursday, July 23

Video Update!


  1. That was so good, the bloopers made me miss you so much!

    motivation is a tricky question.. I know i get most motivated when there's other excited people around me. I've been thinking a lot about it this year, especially recently, because I've lost a lot of my motivation.
    I"ll keep you updated with what I come up with!
    lots of love from the rock (yes, I'm back in NL now!!)

  2. Hi Evan,
    Just saw your video on motivation; very impressed. Could you please answer your question What motivates you?
    Love Nanny Pish

  3. Hi Evan,

    I have to say your blogs have been very interesting and the videos are priceless. What motivates people I guess varies from person to person. It really makes you think when a young person like yourself is willing to travel to other countries to help them improve their lives enrich better living for them and their communities. We take alot for granted here in Canada but seeing you do things like this trip will motivate me and others I am positive of it. Hope to see you home soon take care.

    Carol Anne


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