Friday, July 10

Short but hopefully sweet

This week has actually been fairly routine. Here’s an overview.

I’m in Tamale a day early because I’m meeting with some people from another organization that I will be doing some work for in the next two weeks. This organization is in the process of getting feedback on their project from various participants, beneficiaries and partners. They’ve had encounters with EWB in the past and they specifically asked for an EWB volunteer to help them in their stakeholder analysis workshops. They want someone to take minutes at the workshops and then turn the minutes into clear, concise, action oriented summaries. So I’m meeting them today to introduce myself and get to know the project and the people, and then next week we will begin the workshops.

At work I’ve been conducting a few interviews, whenever I can track people down, and in the meantime I’ve been going through the student interviews and compiling all the information together to look for patterns and common threads. I’ve also been helping out by cataloguing the books in the colleges library and separating them into categories. It’s actually interesting to see some of the books that are there. They’ve got ones you’d expect like old veterinary manuals and stuff about agriculture, but I’ve also found a collection of essays from Henry Kissenger, some classic literature, and interesting autobiographies.

The homesickness has been coming and going in waves. Sometimes I’m having a blast here and really excited about learning from people at the college and getting to know people in my community. Other times I’m dreaming about being back home taking Sharleen out for ice cream or hanging out in a friend’s basement. Put all it usually takes is a stroll out into the courtyard to be amused by whatever shenanigans Mariam happens to be up to. On a related note, I hope you enjoy the video below about a tasty snack the children had me try.

And Ian, those are some great questions so since I’ve just gotten them now, I’ll take the week and think about them and see what sort of response to make.


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  2. wow evan! i havent been able to keep up with this blog at all cause ive been travelling around europe but i finally got a chance tonight and i really enjoyed reading about it!! sounds like such an amazing opprotunity, keep it up, you rock! : )

    lora (pope)! haha

  3. Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of sound in the video. I'll see what I can do about that!

    Yes it's me, on a Tuesday, with internet! I'm in Tamale for a week working on a CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) project on behalf of EWB.

  4. Hey Evan, I loved you latest video, it must be inspiring to witness such acts! I look forward to seeing you,


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