Monday, March 16

Welcome to my Blog


This blog will be your one stop shop for all updates and happenings related to my summer in Ghana.

I am one of two Junior Fellows from the Memorial University chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB). I will be traveling to Ghana as part of EWB's Junior Fellowship in International Development. I will be overseas for about four months. During that time I'll team up with some long-term EWB volunteers and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to work on a program called "Agriculture as a Business." Keep tuned for an update on what this work will consist of, and for more info on EWB's overall strategy for this program.

I guess before going any further I should tell you a bit about myself, although I can probably say with some confidence that my one reader (Hi Mom!) probably already knows a fair bit about me.

As you may have gathered, my name is Evan Walsh. But you might want to know more than that, so...

I'm a second-year Political Science student at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). I live in St. John's on a dairy farm and I volunteer with the MUN chapter of EWB (get used to acronyms!). I have a huge interest in social justice and international development and by extension topics like international politics and political philosophy.

Engineers Without Borders (which is not just for engineers) is a Canadian nongovernmental organization (NGO) that is committed to eradicating poverty. Poverty, though, is not about weakness or a lack of skill. It is a lack of opportunity. It is this need that EWB tries to address in its work overseas and at home in Canada. For more information in EWB and its work, please follow the above link.


  1. Looking forword to read future entries!

    - Ryan D.

  2. looking fwd to reading up on you Evan! :)
    I'll be thinking about you!

  3. Hi Evan,
    Just set the alarm 2:40am for your 5:00am flight to Toronto. Excited, proud & nervous!!
    Have a great time, stay in touch (I have a really wonderful imagination when left to my own devices...not) & be safe!!
    Lots of love from Mom & Dad

  4. Hi Evan!!
    I look forward to following your blog this summer! Your one follower (your mom) is cute - made me laugh!!
    I wish you all the best!!
    Take care of yourself,

  5. hi Evan!
    Im proud and amazed by you!
    love, Susan

  6. Hi Evan,
    Just the mom again...
    Keep the updates coming & Robyn will be in touch
    later in the week.
    Lots of love...Mom

  7. Hi Evan,

    Best of luck on your adventure in Ghana. What a great opportunity and adventure! We'll be reading your blog with interest over the summer. Wonderful to see young people with a thirst for adventure and a sincere interest in helping others that don't enjoy the same opportunities we have been fortunate enought to have. Take care and be careful.

    Chris Wilson

  8. i'm reading your blog evan,

    good luck, you will love northern ghana, its a wonderful place,


  9. hi from Alf "poppy" Sullivan
    It's Sunday June 7th & we have just finished dinner. The "auld sunday dinner" Mary's son Gerry is here with us & showed me how to access your blog. You're reports are interesting. Keep them coming. Mary's daughter Sheila who is with the military & whose ship, the Saint John is in Port is with us for the week-end was also here for dinner. We are well, Mary is healing following her heart attack the 20th of Apri. I got the kitchen garden all set out. The weather has been really good. Will probably write more at a later date. It's time now for my afternoon nap. I have to move over for Sheila to use the computer. Don't work too hard. Will be in touch Alf.


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